Day trade market is ‚full of picks‘ that promise easy profit, according to Felipe Neto

Youtuber has once again criticized the actions of day traders who deceive investors by promising profits that do not exist.

The day trade market is ‚full of picks‘ that promise easy profit, according to Felipe NetoNOTÍCIAS


The famous youtuber Felipe Neto published an alert on Twitter about day trade activity in the stock market. For him, the sector is „full of picks“ that fool users with the promise of easy profit from activities involving investments.

In addition, the famous says that most investors who Bitcoin Evolution act as day traders actually lose money in the market instead of closing trades at a profit.

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In this way, Felipe Neto stresses that one must be careful when acting as a day trader in the message published in social networks last Saturday (28). Youtuber explains that at least 80% of day traders lose money investing in the market.

Felipe Neto talks about investments
Felipe Neto commented on the day trade activity in the stock market in the social networks through an alert about this type of investment. According to youtuber, there are investors who act like „picks“, who promise easy profit with operations as day traders in the market.

The alert of the famous still talks about what would be a „wave“ of propagation of businesses related to the day trade market. Furthermore, Felipe Neto reminds that most of these investors „lose money“ instead of making a profit.

„Pure Charlatanism“, says youtuber Felipe Neto about coach courses
On the other hand, youtuber does not talk about the market for cryptomorphs. In fact, Neto emphasizes that the alert serves the specific performance of day traders in the stock market.

„Be careful with this wave that is coming from day trade (stock market). It’s full of naughty pickax wanting to take your money out saying it’s very easy to make money being a day trader“.

Day trader courses
The alert published by Felipe Neto on November 28, 2020 that talks about the performance of day traders in the stock market was not the first one released by youtuber recently.

Also on October 11, the famous published another statement, but this time about „coachs“ who offer courses on how to make money in the stock market.


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In this case, youtuber used the default of the „millionaire mind“ channel coach to exemplify how unsuccessful investors can fool people with the promise of easy profit.

With over R$2 million in debt and accused of plagiarism, the failure of businessman José Roberto Marques, writer of the book „The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind“, was mentioned by youtuber in a publication that talks about paying day trader courses.

„(José Roberto Marques) asked for free justice claiming he couldn’t pay the procedural costs. Stop paying for courses and coachs who promise to teach you how to get rich“.

Cocaine addiction equals 99% loss
Although Felipe Neto pointed out that 80% of day traders close the day at a loss, this number may be even higher. As reported by the Cointelegraph, 99% of day traders lose money in the financial market.

The numbers are from a survey by the Getulio Vargas Foundation (FGV) that conducted a study with over 98 thousand investors in the market. With the survey, the foundation found that 99.43 of them failed and this number corroborates with the alert issued by youtuber on Twitter about the performance of day traders.

Meanwhile, psychiatrist Hermano Tavares said that acting as a day trader in the market could even addict to cocaine. The expert said that daily investment in the market can activate the brain’s reward system, releasing dopamine, just as the drug does in the body.